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Global Charity, A.I. & Connections.

Everyone needs some ARAH (Direction) to create new value for Our World.

ARAH Coin is set at 1 US$ per coin that is tradeable as ARAH/USDN in the world’s safest cryptocurrency exchange Waves Exchange. ARAH Coin is a secure, decentralized cryptocurrency for Global Partnerships to create new value. View ARAH Coin white paper.

ARAH Global Partners — is our team of Nahdlatul Ulama, MJM Networks, Cake Experiential Communications and Finamatrix, that constantly seek potential partners to create new value with our 100 million members and technology partners to unite the world beginning from children in every corner, regardless of race, language or religion to connect people for a better tomorrow.

Through our online education partners, we build bonds of trust that bridge our ethnic, social and cultural differences, ARAH Global Partners introduce the 3 tenets to connect the world to spark innovation, creating endless opportunities.


Positivity & Diversity from Multiculturalism

Coming together as one united people, without giving up your cultural heritage or beliefs, and to focus on our common goals takes precedence over our individual identities. Rich diversity sparks creative thinking channelled towards achieving harmony and social cohesion.

Common Goals with Global Technology

Focus on our common objectives of creating new value with public peace, health and morality for our children. Tapping into today’s technology, we use the best technologies to help the world communicate and understand one another productively.


Opportunities are bestowed based on individual merit and performance, without bias to any race, creed or social-economic background. While this may not result in equal outcomes, it guarantees that all have a fair chance to succeed according to their own talent and effort.

ARAH Global Partners welcome Charitable Foundations and other partners to work together with us.

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ARAH (Direction) Coin

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