ARAH Loyalty Program & DeFi:FIX

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ARAH Loyalty Program

  • The freely-floated ARAH Coin is set at US$1 and above (ARAH/USDN) on the world’s safest cryptocurrency exchange Waves.Exchange, where only the individual is in total control of his or her own secure blockchain account.
  • ARAH Coin buyers who bring in new partnerships of value will receive bonus ARAH coins subject to agreement between all parties.
Global-Tech has grown >300% over the past 10 years.

Decentralised Finance — DeFi:FIX

  • The ARAH Coin provides the public and NU members with an exclusive channel to the global award-winning Finamatrix A.I. FIX Risk-Tech digital token as designated transaction fee for cost-efficient payments plus trading-tech for expected 30% returns or greater per year.
  • ARAH Coin buyers receive special package for FIX digital asset upon application.

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