Celebrate Ramadan with ARAH!

ARAH Soft Toy

The first 1000 members who buy at least 100 ARAH Coins will receive FREE gift — ARAH Soft Toy. As part of the festivities, 1000 ARAH Soft Toys will be donated to underprivileged children subject to confirmation.

Pre-launch Members Offer

Subscribe to 100 ARAH coins for US$100

(Recommended Launch Price: US$1 per coin)

For NU Members

[Before 1st May 2021]

Subscribe 1-for-3
For US$100, get 400 ARAH coins.
(Limited to 40,000 coins per member)

[1st to 31st May 2021]

Subscribe 1-for-1
For US$100, get 200 ARAH coins (Limited to 40,000 coins per member).


  1. Investors can register at https://bit.ly/3ud1b2x
  2. Once your subscription is approved, you will receive a confirmation email within five (5) working days.
  3. ARAH coins will only be transferred to your wallet on the distribution date.


  • Get bonus coins when you refer a friend (and subscription is approved)
  • Every 1,000 coins your friend purchased earns you 100 coins as a token of our appreciation. Just copy and paste your Waves address in Referral Code in the registration form.
  • Thanking you for building the Arah community!

A word from the Crypto-expert.

Backed by revenue models and utility unlike major digital currencies, ARAH coins will emerge a strong choice for ownership in the cryptocurrency world in the longer run. It is important to recognize the distinction that ARAH is not built as a volatile vehicle but rather a utility-based currency built on a technological ideology set to improve connectivity and lives around the world.

Simply put, it is firstly a membership and a wallet which has commercial applications and the value in it continues to grow concurrently.”

Dr. Lanz Chan, CEO, FINAMATRIX Singapore

(2019 Investors’ Choice, Top Performer APAC, Multi-strategy Fund, PAAM FINAMATRIX A.I. Fund • 2018: Top AI Technology Firm 2018 & Most Innovative Proprietary Technology: Risk Cybernetics)

ARAH Coin is a Multi-utility Token

  • Payment for school fees, online education, etc.
  • Payment for medical fees, etc.
  • Payment for insurance and approved financial products.
  • Payment for bulk discounts including ARAH soft toy.
  • And more…

Powered by Finamatrix.AI



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