Finamatrix.AI preps for IPO: Unlimited Space for Imagination

DISCLAIMER: The information here is intended for reference and is not an offer to purchase a security. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

In response to requests and opportunities that have been presented to us in this COVID-pandemic environment, Singapore-based Finamatrix has kickstarted the process of an initial public offering (IPO) and is open to partnerships to tap into the online e-commerce world.

Founded in 2006, Finamatrix is an A.I.-tech play with global scalability.

Deep-rooted in risk-management technology, Finamatrix.AI’s Black Box encompasses the calculations of MVSK (mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis) and undergoes utility optimization for the creation of 3-Dimensional Simulated Efficient Hyperplanes (under the twin constraints of Relative-Coskewness & Relative-Cokurtosis) which account for skew and kurtosis in asset returns and thus reduces selection bias for predictable returns.


Finamatrix.AI is structured to optimize expenses for maximum efficiency. Finamatrix has strong free cash flow and utilizes dynamic leverage or debt only when the winning probabilities are highly in our favour. More details will be provided soon and for now, these numbers tell the story.

2019: 100,000+ clients and network users.
2020: 672,000+ clients and network users.
Review blockchain:

Total membership staking tokens (FIX): 100M
Circulating Supply: 82.7M
Last transacted exchange price: US$590
Indicative total network value: US$49B
As of the date of publication in

2019: 50,000+ Facebook followers.
2020: 317,000+ Facebook followers.

Our network is growing at a YoY rate of 500%+

For years 2016–2019, our annual returns have been >30%, offering the opportunity for clients to double their investment value every 5 years and at the same time, achieve their legacy goals. More details below.

Finamatrix.AI will offer the following attractive financial ratios at IPO:

Note: above estimates are not final.
Note: above estimates are not final.

Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio of <5. Target >20 (industry average).
Price-to-Book (P/B) ratio of <1. Target >5 (industry average).
Dividend Payout Ratio target of >33% (industry average).

Finamatrix.AI — Products & Services

1) FX-Hedging: Lower FX and admin costs for payments via risk cybernetics protocol from 1 million optimizations per day and 2000+ transactions per second on Blockchain.

2) Finamatrix A.I. Fund: Generating attractive risk-adjusted returns (target 30% annually) for accredited investors in comprehensive tech-investing within a trust structure.

3) Retail Memberships for micro-investments: min US$100, max US$1000. Funds are channelled to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns via deep discounts to uncover hidden value, including Singapore real estate, investment-grade art and rare exotic portfolios.

4) Global Succession & Tax Solutions: Partnering with Manulife and banks/institutions to offer private clients the best possible deal available in the global market.

Making Sense of Financial Big-Data

Deciphering random signals with Risk-Cybernetics A.I.

Finamatrix.AI decodes seemingly random data, calculates probabilities, provides structure, and creates the right conditions for expected value. For more details, please read our research on our official website.

Investing in Best-in-class Tech worldwide with Risk-Cybernetics A.I.

Sample tech portfolio.

Owning a portfolio of the world’s best tech-driven companies remains the surest way to build wealth over time. But many retail investors have limited capital to access these lucrative returns. Now, with risk-cybernetics investment tech, anyone can gain access.

NASDAQ-100 has grown 150% in the past 5 years without leverage.


When you decide whether to invest in one of these companies, look at valuation but also the market potential. There’s no single method for doing that, but you should consider the company’s forward earnings projections, and earnings growth rate for calculating forward price-earnings ratio and the PEG ratio. For growing companies paying attention to free cash flow and debt will help investors get a better picture of the overall financial health of the business.

As of 1 Jul 2020, Tech ETF provides >100% returns in 5 years without Risk-Cybernetics A.I. integration.

Risk-Cybernetics A.I. Integration

With our A.I. tech overlay on proven tech-investments, buying on dips and selling on highs becomes automated, so as to achieve returns that beat the market at high probability rates.

Finamatrix.AI — 100 million users & beyond

  • Finamatrix works closely with a portfolio of public-listed companies while anyone in the world can tap into leading tech-growth via a cellphone and with as little as US$100.
  • Finamatrix is proven evidence-based performance that taps into the global markets via top-tier insurance firms & banks, online referral programs, and global multi-family partnerships.
  • The capital raised from the IPO will be channelled as follows: <20% in FX-hedging, <40% in public equity, <20% in private equity, <10% in commodities and bonds, and <10% in tech-enhancements and client acquisitions.

More updates will be made available in the future. Please visit Finamatrix.AI or contact for more information.



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