Updated Jan 2021

Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D. (Cybernetics)
Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist

  • Registered fund management representative no. CWC300076360 for Prime Asia: https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/rr

Selected Academic Conferences:

  • Sing TF, Liow KH, Chan WJ (2001) Mean Reversion of Singapore Property Stock Prices Towards Their Fundamental Values. Paper at 6th Asian Real Estate Society Conference, 31 Jul— 3 Aug, Tokyo, Japan.

Rae R. Chan, M.Sc. (Comp)

Kevin Ang, M.Sc. (Env.Mgt)

Lyon Liu, M.Sc. (Fin.Eng)

Alan Lim, MBA

Sherlock Ye, M.Sc. (App.Fin)

M.Y. Wong, M.Sc. (Data Analytics)

Vladimir Ninov, MBA

Dr. Kunji Li, Ph.D.

James Gonzalez

Jason Cassidy

Ring Wong

Professor Dr. Alan WK Wong, Ph.D.
FinTech Center & Big Data Research Center, Asia University.

Dr. Ming Huang, Ph.D.

Wilfred Chai, Ph.D. (Comp.Sci)

DISCLAIMER: The fund performance of Finamatrix is not guaranteed and no individual in our team makes any promise of future returns.

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