Updated Sep 2021

Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D. (Cybernetics)
Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist

  • Creator of FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol, Genetic-Algorithm Neural-Network (GANN), Atomic Portfolio Selection (APS), MVSK Utility Optimization technologies.
  • 20+ years of experience spanning from the army, JP Morgan, Franklin Templeton, UBS.
  • National University of Singapore (NUS) research scholar and ex-President of the NUS Graduate Students Society (GSS).
  • Adjunct Professor with various universities and consulted for Galaxy Asset Management (Hong Kong) and Averic Capital Management (Singapore).
  • Managed $300M in FX derivatives.
  • Jointly distributed CSI300 futures fund with PingAn Group.
  • Selected Presentations: 6th Annual Funds Forum China, Beijing, 21–22 Sep 2011; PingAn Futures Investment Conference, Shanghai, 26 Jun 2012; ICBC Shenzhen Futian Investor Meeting, 7 Jul 2012; China Merchants Futures/CTA Funds Conference, Shenzhen, 17 Aug 2013.
  • Completed UBS Diploma in Wealth Management, Harvard Business School Executive Education; graduated from the National University of Singapore (Real Estate Finance & Economics), and Macau University of Science and Technology (Finance & Cybernetics).

Selected Academic Conferences:

  • Sing TF, Liow KH, Chan WJ (2001) Mean Reversion of Singapore Property Stock Prices Towards Their Fundamental Values. Paper at 6th Asian Real Estate Society Conference, 31 Jul— 3 Aug, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Liow KH, Chan WJ (2004) Covariance, Coskewness, and Cokurtosis in Global Real Estate Securities. Paper presented at 5th Maastricht-Cambridge Real Estate Finance and Investment Symposium, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Shiann R., B.Sc. (Finance/Accounting)

Xenia Rae, M.Sc. (Computing)

Alan Lim, MBA

Lyon Liu, M.Sc. (Fin.Eng)

Sherlock Ye, M.Sc. (App.Fin)

M.Y. Wong, M.Sc. (Data Analytics)

Dr. Kunji Li, Ph.D.

James Gonzalez

Wilfred Chai, Ph.D. (Comp.Sci)

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