Finamatrix.AI: Tech for All

2 min readJul 21, 2021

Founded in 2006, Finamatrix won 3 global awards for Risk-Cybernetics in sustainable investing. Join our membership for unlimited imagination in ownership and potential growth. Finamatrix is preparing for an IPO or direct listing in a selected stock exchange.


  1. Trade NASDAQ-100 (top 100 tech firms) for potential profit with the weekly vGRE*-indicator, where award-winning risk-cybernetics is applied to the GR-Estimator including trading volume and golden-ratio segments as input parameters, computed with genetic-optimization for optimized results. Investors can trade with this indicator and expect to achieve >18% annual returns (non-leveraged).
  2. Profit from the potential appreciation of FiX tokens.
  3. Earnings potential from FiX OptionSwap with our IPO or direct listing.
  4. Boost your Linkedin profile with membership and honors.
  5. Discounts for digital art NFT and potential appreciation.
  6. Be socially conscious with our sustainability & charity efforts.

A comprehensive New-Tech investment portfolio for every investor.

  • 330,000+ Facebook followers;
  • 600,000+ members/customers;
  • 1,000,000+ daily optimizations;
  • 2,000+ blockchain transactions per second;
  • >18% annualized returns for past 10 years based on vGRE*;
  • Creating thousands of jobs for sales associates who earn up to 50% in commissions.

Finamatrix.AI Services:

  • NASDAQ-100: vGRE* technical indicator (powered by FiX token);
  • Global FX;
  • Singapore real estate;
  • Digital Art NFT (powered by FiX token);
  • IPO execution (FiX OptionSwap);
  • Payment & TradeTech, blockchain solutions;
  • Singapore immigration.

Memberships start from as low as US$10.