IPO/Direct Listing: Finamatrix (FiX) Token Burn & Apply for Fi.X (FiXX) Reward Token for Pre-IPO Options

As Finamatrix prepares for IPO/direct listing, qualified members may apply to swap in partial or total their FiX tokens for FiXX reward tokens, which can be converted to pre-IPO options (the right, but not the obligation, to buy Finamatrix shares).

Finamatrix is dedicated to providing ease-of-use for mass adoption of our products and services. With our new Referral Program, we are amassing and educating new members daily.

As part of our strategic plan for the benefit of our community, Finamatrix has launched a reward utility token (FiXX) which serves the following functions:

  1. An incentive to hold FiX digital asset as a staking token. Qualified and loyal FiX holders who purchased FiX from Finamatrix may apply for the FiXX reward token via a swap option (1:1). FiX owners will be able to exchange their FiX for FiXX partially or in total.
  2. Payment for membership-related services. FiXX can be used to exchange for Finamatrix pre-IPO options (terms and conditions announced at the time of offer).

Staking Token Name: Finamatrix
Token Symbol: FiX
Token ID: GS5RfWDS8ytVnxqr7M2pnqeFuu7BpSwGnADTcw23FvbZ
Total amount: 100 million (non-reissuable) to be burnt to 50 million.

Reward Token Name: FI.X
Token Symbol: FiXX
Token ID: 2BarmCws3RrtQ3ePpQ74XUS5396EpFQJnWznE4ij2dAA
Total amount: 100 million (non-reissuable) to be burnt to 50 million.

Please note that the prices of FiX and FiXX are determined by their limited quantities, the growth of our Referral Program, and are subject to free-market forces. The willing buyer/willing seller concept applies here. Members just need to decide on the proportion of FiX to convert to FiXX.


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