Finamatrix.NET: 2022

#1 Nasdaq100 risk-tech database

1 min readJan 1, 2022
Founder Dr Lanz Chan & Finamatrix media publications.

As the #1 Nasdaq100 risk-tech database, providing easy access to FiX crypto owners with FREE or paid memberships, Finamatrix is now leading a group of investors to join our Board of Directors to boost valuation to >S$1B for an initial public offering (IPO) so as to achieve sustainable development goals. Finamatrix shall also tap into the Singapore government S$2M grant support by working towards the requirements.


  • Founded in 2006, Finamatrix created Risk-Cybernetics, uncovering financial market inefficiencies to reap value.
  • Our technology services a 15 trillion US dollar Nasdaq100 market;
  • 36+ years of big-data since 1985;
  • >18% annualized returns with vGRE* (volume-weighted golden-ratio estimator) risk-tech;
  • 360,000+ Facebook followers;
  • 600,000+ blockchain users;
  • 1,000,000+ daily optimizations;
  • 2,000+ blockchain transactions per second (TPS);
  • >S$10M in annual revenues (expected);
  • >25% profit margins;
  • >S$300M current indicative market valuation;
  • Up to S$1,000,000 top prize for free members;

Finamatrix services include:

  • Nasdaq100-vGRE* risk-tech (members own FiX crypto to access database);
  • Global FX, DeFi, Singapore immigration & related services.
  • Free memberships available for a limited time.