Finamatrix.NET partners #1 ALGAE OIL Producer with >100X More Efficiency to Combat Climate Change

4 min readApr 15, 2022



Singapore / Full Press Release on 17 Apr 2022 (12:00 AM SGT)

  • >100 times more efficient than palm oil to combat the climate crisis.
  • Group has secured multi-billion dollar orders by Oil Majors / Fortune 1000, leads in algae oil production.
  • World’s first crypto-verified ledger for crude algae oil prices with $FiX cryptocurrency.


  • As batteries corrode, their chemicals soak into the soil and contaminate groundwater and surface water. Our ecosystems, which contain thousands of aquatic plants and animals, are compromised when filled with battery chemicals.


  • On average, algae oil production is at least *10 times more productive than palm oil, grows 10 times faster than land plants, and uses 10 times less water. Furthermore, 1 kilogram of algae absorbs 1.83 kilograms of CO2 compared to 1 acre of maple forest which absorbs 2.2 kilograms of CO2 per day.
  • Algae oil is an ideal feedstock for blending with fossil fuel to power cars, trucks, trains, and planes, which can be produced commercially to accelerate decarbonization and alleviate global warming.
  • Approximately 50% of Algae biomass is oil and the remaining is a dry cake that can be eaten like seaweed and used as materials.


  • A Korean Bio-Technologist has perfected the production and commercialization of microalgae cultivation through a patented technology system, resulting in being >100 times more efficient than palm oil and approximately 40 times more efficient than pond algae.
  • Proven production of commercially viable Crude Algae Oil and is the world’s first RED II (Renewable Energy Directive II) compliant and ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified company in the world.
  • The Group has secured >US$10.0B worth of purchase agreements from Top 50 Oil & Gas Majors and Fortune 1000 companies thus far, and with exceptional demand of more than US$50.0B in soft order books over the next 12 to 24 months, making the Group the leading Crude Algae Oil producer in the world with the lowest biofuel carbon intensity.
  • The Group has a public-listed government-linked company as the key institutional shareholder and is committed to producing renewable energy for a greener future while creating new employment opportunities.


  • Promise Land Pte Ltd is the Mandated Lead Advisor while Finamatrix.NET is the designated technology partner with specialization in blockchain and is the #1 NAS100 risk-tech database.
  • Why Blockchain? With the explosive demand for algae biofuel, a crypto-verified immutable ledger for Crude Algae Oil prices on a Swiss-based Leased Proof-of-Stake (LPoS) public blockchain is created as a reference benchmark, a world’s first. LPoS allows token holders to “lease” their tokens to full nodes and earn a percentage of the payout as a reward which has an extremely low carbon footprint as compared to Bitcoin mining.
  • Data cannot be edited on the pre-minted $FiX cryptocurrency, where $FiX crypto serves as the #1 ESG cryptocurrency and predictor of the expected demand for Crude Algae Oil from the #1 Crude Algae Oil producer.
  • Further, $FiX is a utility token that provides investors access to the vast world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products and cross-chain liquidity pools allowing global settlements that gain profit via smart contracts from mining fees, algorithmic trading, global arbitrage opportunities due to the mispricing of cryptocurrencies paired with stablecoins such as USDT, etc.
  • Now, via the blockchain and a decentralized community-governed cryptocurrency, anyone can participate in this exciting Algae BioFuel with increasingly expanded utility and network value from further partnerships with leading crypto companies and institutions, while doing good to save Mother Nature.
  • Finamatrix.NET offers free memberships while investors receive $FiX. Finamatrix.NET will use the proceeds to invest in the Group to boost Crude Algae Oil production to fulfill the strong demand, for further tech enhancements, and for an IPO or SPAC listing in the near future.
  • Crude algae oil price (per metric ton) recorded on the blockchain provides a base value for $FiX crypto price and market value as there are only 50 million tokens versus a scalable supply of algae oil. $FiX crypto price thus represents the ex-ante (expected) demand for algae biofuel.

#1 NAS100 risk-tech database since 1985.

#1 Crude Algae Oil producer with US$50 billion in orders from Oil Majors, etc.

#1 ESG Cryptocurrency — $FiX: Carbon-Neutral Participation for All on a Community-Governed Secure Decentralized Blockchain.

The largest global investors are among our Group Partners and will be announced soon. Early-Bird Sign-Up (limited availability via auction pricing):