Finamatrix Updates Q4-2021

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2 min readOct 18, 2021
  1. Under advice from venture capital (VC) firms, Finamatrix has implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to capture new free/paid members with an easy-to-use smartphone registration process by Advocado, a leading CRM solution from Singapore. The CRM solution will facilitate the registration of new members (regardless of nationality/religion with a focus on English-speaking members with an interest in technology investment — approx. 300 million people in the world).
  2. To increase the trading liquidity (and price) of our tokens and future stock, we have simplified the market position of Finamatrix to make it easy for the mass market to comprehend. Finamatrix is the #1 risk-tech big-data educational and enrichment platform dedicated to helping members achieve their life goals with financial intelligence (vGRE*), business networking (Linkedin & face-to-face in Singapore), ownership of Finamatrix, and the Millionaire Matrix referral program. Members who refer new free/paid members can receive points, tokens, stock options, and cash (subject to T&C). Free members who refer >1,000 new free members can receive >$1,000,000 in stock option value and become a millionaire (subject to T&C).
  3. Finamatrix is running daily targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook/Instagram (2 million Singapore-based users) and engaging in Linkedin that will allow new members to sign-up for free or make payment via credit/debit cards.
  4. Finamatrix is in discussion with VCs on the valuation of Finamatrix to determine shareholdings at pre-IPO. As VCs want a lower valuation when they invest at pre-IPO and a higher valuation after IPO for a high return, the process of negotiation on the valuation shall take time to achieve the right balance.

As Finamatrix executes the above plans, Finamatrix will only accept a deal by VCs that will benefit all members adequately. Finamatrix IPO will provide:

  • Global recognition;
  • Business succession/continuity (remove keyman risk);
  • Provide capital for trading liquidity for tokens/stocks;
  • Global brand advertising;
  • Further growth of our risk-tech portfolio.

Early-bird members will benefit more because our tokens/stocks are limited in quantity while total Finamatrix members and capital growth are both increasing.

Please sign-up in Finamatrix.NET to achieve >50% consensus for our IPO from all our members.