Finamatrix Updates Q4-2021

Dedicated to creating value for members and achieving >50% member consensus for our IPO. Sign-up @ Finamatrix.NET.

  1. Under advice from venture capital (VC) firms, Finamatrix has implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to capture new free/paid members with an easy-to-use smartphone registration process by Advocado, a leading CRM solution from Singapore. The CRM solution will facilitate the registration of new members (regardless of nationality/religion with a focus on English-speaking members with an interest in technology investment — approx. 300 million people in the world).

As Finamatrix executes the above plans, Finamatrix will only accept a deal by VCs that will benefit all members adequately. Finamatrix IPO will provide:

  • Global recognition;

Early-bird members will benefit more because our tokens/stocks are limited in quantity while total Finamatrix members and capital growth are both increasing.

Please sign-up in Finamatrix.NET to achieve >50% consensus for our IPO from all our members.



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