FiX Crypto-Valuation & Updates

This valuation model supersedes previous valuation models.

Updated 28 Aug 2021

DISCLAIMER: The information here is intended for reference and is not an offer to purchase a security. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

“Finamatrix.AI #1 risk-cybernetics in NASDAQ-100 for sustainability, is committed to providing a secondary source of income for members — who are traders or partners.”

NASDAQ-100: Jan-Jul 2021

Finamatrix is #1 Risk-Cybernetics offers easy access to our risk-tech via the vGRE* optimized indicator for trading NASDAQ-100 (top 100 tech firms) with >US$15 trillion in market value.

IPO/Direct Listing

Founded in 2006, Finamatrix has won multiple awards and plans for an initial public offering (IPO) or a direct listing in a selected stock exchange. Finamatrix is in negotiations with partners applying for Singapore immigration where Finamatrix is the selected vehicle that is growing its market share in the risk-tech space. More details are below. Finamatrix in numbers:

Customer Service A.I. Officer
  • 330,000+ Facebook followers;
  • 600,000+ members;
  • 1,000,000+ daily optimizations;
  • 2,000+ blockchain transactions per second;
  • >18% annualized non-leveraged returns for past 10 years based on vGRE*;
  • Create jobs for members who earn up to 50% in referral vouchers.

Finamatrix services include:

  • NASDAQ-100-vGRE* trading indicators (powered by FiX token);
  • Custom trading indicators (powered by FiX token);
  • Global FX;
  • Singapore real estate;
  • Digital Art NFT (powered by FiX token);
  • IPO execution (FiX OptionSwap);
  • Payment & TradeTech, blockchain solutions;
  • Singapore immigration with Finamatrix SPV.
  • FiX/FiXX tokens tradeable on Waves.Exchange and others.


  1. Trade NASDAQ-100 (top 100 tech firms) with the weekly vGRE*-indicators, where risk-cybernetics is applied to the GR-Estimator including trading volume and golden-ratio segments as input parameters, computed with genetic-optimization. Members expect to profit >18% annual non-leveraged returns from their own trading.
  2. Potential appreciation of the ownership of FiX staking / FiXX reward utility tokens in Waves.Exchange.
  3. Earnings potential from FiX OptionSwap with our IPO/direct listing.
  4. Members boost their Linkedin profile with membership/honors.
  5. Discounts for digital art NFTs for potential appreciation.
  6. Network with socially conscious members with sustainability & charity efforts.

A comprehensive New-Tech investment portfolio for every investor. Memberships start from as low as US$10.

The crypto-valuation model below has been updated with the latest statistics, superseding previous valuations, where the widely-accepted valuation model is a factor of network value and total crypto-market value adjusted by token-specific weights, serving as a guide.

Global Tech Portfolio




  • P* is the expected price of FiX digital asset;
  • VPS: value per transaction on the blockchain = $0.01.
  • TPS: transactions per second on the blockchain = 2000.
  • (CS/TS): FiX Circulating Supply (CS) per FiX Total Supply (TS) or Crypto Public Float; CS=83M; TS=100M.
  • TV/TMC: Total Daily Cryptocurrency Trading Volume (TV) per Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization (TMC); TV=62B; TMC=1340B. (Source: CoinMarketCap, Coinranking, etc).
  • N² where N is the number of addresses that own FIX (Network Value); N=674K. (Verified on Blockchain).
  • CMA: Crypto-Multiple Adjuster (1–30) proxied by Price-to-Book ratio of technology equity markets.

P*=($174 to $5233)

(Note M: million, B: billion, K: thousand)

Using the expected base value of US$174, the network value is US$17.4 billion offering a value-to-user ratio of US$25,800 per user (based on 674,000 users).

This targeted value is achieved with our plans for liquidity enhancement, the future burning of tokens, and the increased mass adoption of our tokens for our suite of big-data services, etc.

From our research in various groups on Telegram, we note that there are less than 200,000 participants in the global crypto market that pay daily attention to crypto-news, and there are only less than 3000 active daily crypto-traders in the world. The rest of the crypto participants are buying to hold (hodlers) for the long-term from 5 to 10 years as surveys from public media have revealed.

Global Memberships

  • We have identified a key pain point from members’ feedback to simplify our risk-tech offerings and login functions.
  • Finamatrix has decided to engage a leading CRM solution firm to solve membership database management to reach out to global members.
  • Our memberships offered will be 4 types of paid memberships.
  • Members can refer a friend and receive Cash return vouchers for their next purchases. Members can sell vouchers multiple times (terms apply) to other members.
  • Members receive Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for memberships or FiX tokens.
  • NASDAQ-100 has grown >18% per year (non-leveraged) for the past decade. Members can trade NASDAQ-100 with vGRE* weekly indicator in their chosen brokerage for profit.

Limited Memberships are now available:

  1. Ruby: Free membership. Access NASDAQ-100 trading indicators. Member receives no FiX tokens and no voucher.
  2. Sapphire: $10 membership. Members access NASDAQ-100 trading indicators. Receives 0.1 FiX token.
  3. Emerald: $100 membership. Members access NASDAQ-100 trading indicators. Receives 1 FiX token.
  4. Diamond: $1000 membership. Members access NASDAQ-100 trading indicators. Receives 10 FiX tokens. $250 voucher given. Members access Digital Art NFT, FiX OptionSwap for FiXX reward tokens/pre-IPO options.
  5. Gold: $5000 membership. Members access NASDAQ-100 trading indicators. Receives 50 FiX tokens. $1500 voucher given. Members access Digital Art NFT, FiX OptionSwap for FiXX reward tokens/pre-IPO options.
  6. Platinum: $10000 membership. Members access NASDAQ-100 trading indicators. Receives 100 FiX tokens. $3000 voucher given. Members access Digital Art NFT, FiX OptionSwap for FiXX reward tokens/pre-IPO options.

FiX tokens can be used to pay for membership renewal, tradable in Waves.Exchange, access DeFi, used to buy Digital Art NFTs, and exchange for FiXX reward tokens and/or pre-IPO options once we achieve our target of >50% consensus for the terms of IPO or direct listing from members.

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