FIX Crypto-Valuation US$1169

From 1st Oct 2020, only members who trade FIX digital assets above valuation (US$1169) in Waves.Exchange will receive Finamatrix.AI stock options.

2 min readOct 14, 2020

DISCLAIMER: The information here is intended for reference and is not an offer to purchase a security. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

As Finamatrix, the №1 Risk-Cybernetics big-data A.I. firm prepares for its IPO, one of the terms agreed upon by major stakeholders is that only members from 1st October 2020 who trade FIX digital asset above valuation (US$1169) in Waves Exchange will be able to receive Finamatrix stock options. All transactions will be monitored closely in exchanges. Members will be required to show proof of transactions for verification.

Finamatrix.AI is the convenient one-stop-shop for global tech investing with Risk-Cybernetics A.I. offering investors worldwide low costs and easy access to a diversified portfolio with as low as just $100 to start. Finamatrix has more than 600,000+ members worldwide and is growing in followers on

The valuation model below for FIX digital asset has been updated with the latest statistics, superseding previous valuations.




  • P* is the expected price of FIX digital asset;
  • VPS: value per transaction on the blockchain;
  • TPS: transactions per second on the blockchain;
  • (CS/TS): FIX Circulating Supply (CS) per FIX Total Supply (TS) or Crypto Public Float;
  • TV/TMC: Total Daily Cryptocurrency Trading Volume (TV) per Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization (TMC);
  • N² where N is the number of addresses that own FIX (Network Value);
  • CMA: Crypto-Multiple Adjuster (1–30) proxied by Price-to-Book ratio.

P*=($1169 to $35093)

(Note M: million, B: billion, K: thousand)

Using the expected value of US$1169, the network value is US$117 billion offering a value-to-user ratio of US$173,000 per user (based on 674,000 users).

IPO Timeline

Finamatrix is planning for an IPO by next year. We welcome partnerships and for more info, please chat with Christina.AI or email

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