FIX Digital Asset — Global Average of >US$2000 on

Disclaimer: FIX digital asset is not a public payment tool and is not under the ambit of the Payment Services Act of Singapore. FIX is a digital asset (utility token) that members receive when they join our membership and is in no way designed to compete with the Singapore dollar as a mode of payment. Full KYC procedures for AML/CFT are performed.

FIX digital asset is the membership and staking utility token that members of Finamatrix.AI receive.

Customizable apps with FIX digital asset.

FIX can be incorporated into the plethora of customizable apps in the Waves ecosystem that solves specific industry problems.




  • P* is the expected price of FIX;
  • AUM: assets under management (all actively traded funds by Finamatrix.AI);
  • (1+R/30%): Relative-Growth Multiplier to account for growth expectations where R is annualized return and 30% is the annualized target return;
  • (CS/TS): FIX Circulating Supply (CS) per FIX Total Supply (TS) or Crypto Public Float;
  • TV/TMC: Total Daily Cryptocurrency Trading Volume (TV) per Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization(TMC);
Finamatrix is Voted Top AI Tech Firm.
  • N² where N is the number of addresses that own FIX (Network Value);
  • CMA: Crypto-Multiple Adjuster (10, 20, 30) proxied by Price-to-Book ratio.

P*=($248, $498, $747)

(Note M: million, B: billion, K: thousand)

With the expected value of US$498, the network value is >US$39 billion offering a value-to-user ratio of >US$390,000 per user (based on 100,000 active users).

Finamatrix.AI is tech-advisor to a tech fund in a top-tier multi-family asset management firm in Singapore with a diversified and growing billion-dollar asset base.

The global average price of FIX in USD by

Finamatrix.AI provides global accredited clients with best-in-class FX, succession and tax plans with Manulife, DBS bank and other institutions as solution providers.

Now with our risk-cybernetics A.I. tech-integration, retail clients anywhere in the world with a smartphone can download our wallet (DeFi) and join our membership with as little as S$100 to potentially gain from our exciting growth of 100 million members. Sign-up here Finamatrix.AI.

FIX on Waves blockchain is a decentralized application (dApp) for finance and more. Decentralized Finance or DeFi refers to a movement that aims to create an open-source, permissionless, and transparent financial service ecosystem that is available to everyone and operates without any central authority.

Tokens of the Waves ecosystem like FIX will be available on the TRON blockchain via Gravity and automatically listed on TRON’s DEXes and DeFi services (like TronTrade or PoloniDex), meaning that users and developers from the TRON ecosystem will be able to trade, hold, and use Waves-based tokens. Tron has one of the largest communities in the Crypto world.





#1 NAS100 risk-tech. Algae Biofuel $FiX #1 ESG Crypto.

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#1 NAS100 risk-tech. Algae Biofuel $FiX #1 ESG Crypto.

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