FiX Digital Pledge

Adapted from Digital Participation Pledge and Digital for Life of Singapore.

We pledge to help people be digitally ready so that everyone can tap on opportunities to use technology actively, meaningfully and safely in their daily living, to achieve a better quality of life.

Basic Principles:

  • Equip with digital skills.
  • Educate on how to use digital services.
  • To offer and design digital services to be inclusive and safe.
  • To volunteer or give resources for digital-readiness efforts.
  • Equip with relevant digital skills training.
  • Provide resources, assistance and education programmes to use digital services.
  • Enhance digital services to adopt digital services standards, guidelines or accountability-based practices (e.g. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Digital Service Standards (DSS), Model AI Governance Framework).
  • Contribute or volunteer at programmes/events that support Digital Readiness.
  • To safeguard data in our care.
  • To be transparent on how personal data collected is being used, managed and shared.
  • Promote and incentivise to transact digitally (e.g. PayNow, Wise).
  • Promoting use of secure Wi-Fi hotspots (e.g. Wireless@SG).
  • Promote Cloud Storage (e.g. Google drive).
  • Encourage healthy and responsible social media interactions (e.g. Facebook, Instagram).




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