FIX-ing the Wealth Gap

3 min readJun 28, 2021

5 actionable steps to bridge income inequality, starting from yourself.

Source: Weforum

Despite that economic inequality has fallen in many countries over the last 25 years, many of us are still dissatisfied because policies in our countries are not changing fast enough.

How do we bridge the gap between the rich and poor? Increasingly there is a school of thought that FinTech and DeFi are the solutions to providing equal opportunity to everyone with low barriers to entry. This explains the steady growth in adopting these new technologies in recent times.

Anyone can start taking action now for a better future, for yourself, your family, and for the next generations, and be socially responsible at the same time. Read on.

5 actionable steps for individuals

  1. Dare to Dream, Think Big & Read Voraciously — Take the effort to educate yourself about your passions to achieve your goals. However, if you are clueless and lack direction, then you could link up with scalable businesses such as risk-tech by Finamatrix, which offers services that include global-tech investments including clean-tech, Singapore real estate, investment residency, Digital Art NFT, IPO execution, etc. for creating new economic value. You can tap into professional opportunities from our Linkedin and our door is always open for you.
  2. Identify and Focus on Your Strengths with Engagement — Each of us has our specific qualities and interests. By connecting with a larger social audience such as with 330,000+ followers or other groups, you can uncover potential opportunities via productive interactions.
  3. Keep Improving & Refining — As the saying goes, life is a life-long learning process. At Finamatrix and other tech companies, self-enhancement has been programmed with machine-learning, which involves 1,000,000+ daily big data optimizations, applied to FX trading, NASDAQ-100, etc. for desired results in wealth-creation.
  4. Keep Adapting, Leveraging, Sharing & Helping — Being proactive by taking initiatives and responding to feedback are good practices. It is important to survey and receive consensus by participating in interest groups. However, if you are looking to expand your platform for further growth, you may tap into the infrastructure of Finamatrix and other companies, such as our facility of 2,000+ blockchain transactions per second for payment, trading, etc. Sharing what you have learned and helping others will also certainly garner more support for your efforts, which ultimately will create new value.
  5. Diversify, Ownership & Being Consistent — After you have decided to do well in one chosen specialized area, you may decide to diversify just like how all the best investors have done so. Diversification is one approach to achieving consistency. At Finamatrix, we offer the NASDAQ-100: vGRE* technical indicator with expected >18% annualized returns powered with FiX cryptocurrency. With this structure, you take ownership of intellectual property (NFT, etc), be socially responsible for climate change and sustainable development in clean-tech investments, while contributing to the value-creation process by making your own final decisions.

For more information, please visit Finamatrix.AI — Empowering You. Finamatrix is a leading risk-tech firm for micro-investors, starting as low as US$100.

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