Forecasting Nasdaq100: AI/ML/DL

2 min readJan 23, 2022


  • What is the best way to grow your capital or earn good, consistent returns? In my experience, technology is the best sector to invest in as more people, regardless of age, are using new technology every day. Good tech stocks also provide attractive annual dividends albeit below 10% p.a. and usually would not interest day traders who typically have a monthly profit/loss of $50,000 or more, or about -10% to +10% expected returns.
  • Historically, Nasdaq100 (NDX), which represents the top 100 tech public-listed companies, has grown by 18% on average for the past decade. This means that a simple long/short or hedging strategy could translate to even higher expected returns. To achieve this, risk-tech is applied to Nasdaq100 data to uncover market inefficiencies for trading signals.
  • NDX is currently down 13.8% to 14,438 points (as of 22 Jan 2022) exactly 2 months from the all-time high of 16,764 on 22 Nov 2021. This presents one of the best opportunities of the decade.
  • Using Finamatrix.NET risk-tech, which encompasses AI/ML/DL termed risk-cybernetics, the vGRE* statistic is calculated to decode price patterns for Nasdaq100 traders.
  • For an explanation of AI/ML/DL, please read: Clearing the Confusion: AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning Differences.
  • We are currently experiencing one of the biggest drops in the history of NDX with an overall uptrend since 1985 when NDX first started (only the past decade of price data is shown above).
  • To tap into our Nasdaq100 risk-tech database and the global tech opportunity, Finamatrix.NET has designed a unique business model that protects its members and provides convenience. To ride the waves of this new tech innovation including blockchain, crypto, biotech due to COVID-19, etc with no risk, Finamatrix offers our free memberships for a limited time only. Paid members have priority for more FiX crypto and stock options at the best prices as we prepare to list in major exchanges and our IPO.

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#1 NAS100 Risk-Tech Database 1985 ($FIX)

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