Halal-Users account for 25% of the World and contribute nearly 30 Billion Dollars of Mobile APP Revenues in 2020

Global app revenues have topped 110 billion dollars in 2020. ARAH GLOBAL embarks on Halal-mobile apps/games to serve 2 billion Halal-users, concerned parents and socially-conscious tech-investors worldwide.




Mobile apps/games have been compared to drug addiction and scientists say that children’s brains, well through adolescence, are considered “plastic,” meaning they can adapt and shift to changing circumstances. That could help younger people again find satisfaction in an offline world but it becomes harder the longer they immerse in rapid-fire digital stimulation.

According to Dr Dimitri Christakis, a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington, increased online use is “associated with anxiety, depression, obesity and aggression” and “addiction to the medium itself.”


  • The word — halal — in Arabic is used as a visual marker for Halal restaurants, shops and on products. Halal translates to “permissible or lawful” into English.
  • Almost a century-old Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Islamic organization with 100 million members and 194 branches worldwide, is developing the ‘Halal’ ARAH GLOBAL app and ARAH digital asset in collaboration with MJM Networks, Cake Experiential Communications and Finamatrix.
  • ARAH, which means Direction, is a comprehensive smartphone application with cryptocurrency to provide users with a safe and better life via Halal-certification or Halalization, similar to how Starbucks has reached out to Halal-markets.
Global App Revenues from 2016 to 2020.

App Revenue Trends & Models

There is an ever-evolving myriad of Monetization Models including In-App Ads, Pay-to-Play, Subscriptions, Paid Content, Virtual Items, Value-added Augmented Reality, Sponsorships, Brand Placement, Cross-Platform Play, Blockchain Games, Ad-watching for rewards, Marketing and Distribution Challenges, Loyalty programs, Bulk discounts, DeFi, eSports, etc.

Global Mobile Gaming Revenues from 2016 to 2020.


  • The total supply of ARAH coins to power Halal-apps/games and other utility functions is 100 billion coins or only 50 ARAH coins per Halal-user, excluding parents and tech-investors. This also does not include other functions of the ARAH coin.
  • ARAH coin will also have an exclusive channel to DeFi:FIX, a convenient global award-winning payment and trading risk-tech platform that includes investing in the NASDAQ-100. The NASDAQ-100 market value is greater than 10 trillion dollars with 1% equaling 100 billion dollars or the market value of DeFi:FIX depending on investment activity (100 million FIX at US$1000 per FIX digital asset).
  • With just DeFi:FIX and Halal-apps/games utility values, these adequately justify the ARAH coin price of US$1 or greater which equates to a market value of 100 billion dollars and above.
  • With access to global financial markets and Halal-mobile apps/games, opportunities are limitless.

ArahGlobal.com welcomes Global Partnerships.


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