#1 Nasdaq100 Risk-Tech Database

2 min readNov 1, 2021
  • Every investor seeks to profit consistently with the right instrument and method.
  • The NASDAQ-100 has been the top-performing stock index for the past decade, producing 18% returns on average a year.
  • Risk-cybernetics technology, which is risk management algorithms for self-learning, provides probability statistics to help achieve the financial goals of members.

SINGAPORE — Finamatrix, a financial risk-tech database that specializes in the NASDAQ-100, services a market of $15 trillion represented by the top 100 companies.

Founded in 2006, Finamatrix risk-tech is applied to NASDAQ-100 to calculate the proprietary vGRE* trading indicator database that uncovers market inefficiencies to help reap value. This database comprises 36+ years of big-data beginning from 1985 and is offered to members, helping them with investment decisions.

The database provides a few key statistics on a weekly basis updated every Monday — the vGRE* (volume-weighted golden ratio estimator) statistic, the signal (Sig) statistic, and the continuous return (CR) statistic. Together, they provide probability statistics for a weekly trading strategy.

Finamatrix members register on a CRM system that includes a referral game where members earn loyalty points, cryptocurrency, and stock options, allowing members to have the choice to contribute and have ownership of the company to reap potential gains.

To date, Finamatrix has more than 600,000 members for its cryptocurrency and over 350,000 followers on its Facebook page. Finamatrix performs more than 1 million optimizations per day and is capable of 2,000+ blockchain transactions per second, making it the largest and #1 risk-tech database for NASDAQ-100.

Free memberships are available for a limited time.