NASDAQ 100: vGRE* Statistics & Analysis for Week of 5-Jul-2021

Volume-weighted GR-Estimator for NASDAQ 100 Entry/Exit Points.

Presented here is Risk-Cybernetics applied to the GR-Estimator as a technical indicator for NASDAQ 100 (NDX) which includes trading volume and golden-ratio segments as input parameters, computed with genetic-optimization.

NDX (candlesticks) from 1-Jan-21 to 2-Jul-21.
NDX: VWGRE from 1-Jan-21 to 2-Jul-21 (green).
vGRE*-CR from 1-Jan-21 to 2-Jul-21.
Sig from 7-Jun-2021 to 2-Jul-2021.


#1 Risk-Cybernetics in NASDAQ-100