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Updated Oct 14, 2019

The Power Revolution has arrived. Highly-promising technologies for self-charging energy systems offer potential breakthrough solutions. Some of the new energy solutions are as follows:

  • Carbon-ion polymer for ultra-fast charging (100X faster).
  • Integrated with solar etc for no plug-in self-charging system.
  • Nanotech batteries, laser-made micro-supercapacitors.
  • Triboelectric nanogenerator, gold nanowire batteries.
  • Sodium-ion, graphene foldable wafer batteries.
  • Convenient charging: WiFi, wireless induction, etc.
  • Customized energy management systems for high efficiency.
  • Heat-to-electric generator for self-charging air-conditioners.
  • Self-charging electric aerial vehicles (planes, helicopters, drones).
  • Endless applications: pacemakers, etc ensuring safety.

Research note: New integrated solutions will be available soon and applied to phones, computers, buses, cars, etc. A list of companies under our radar includes but not limited to Tesla, Panasonic, Silanano, ZapGo, Airbus, BYD, Dyson, etc.

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  • Purchasing power is the amount of goods or services that a unit of currency can buy at a given point in time.
  • Inflation tends to erode the purchasing power of a currency over time.
  • Central banks try to keep prices stable by maintaining the purchasing power of the currency via setting interest rates and other mechanisms.
  • As currencies potentially depreciate, many investors are concerned over the purchasing power of their currency holdings.
Finamatrix: Top Multi-Strategy Fund

FIX token is a Singapore digital asset and is used to pay for the services provided by Finamatrix. Finamatrix utilizes deep-rooted proprietary A.I. technologies that constantly hedge a basket of fiat currencies, and other value-enhancing assets, to increase purchasing power.

Finamatrix is a risk management specialist that produces predictable returns and has appointed a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulated multi-family office that offers a comprehensive portfolio of equities, bonds, insurance, FX, real estate and other investments backed by a multi-billion-dollar group dealing with healthcare, education, etc. Finamatrix is a technology advisor to the Finamatrix Fund.

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