Crypto-Currency Risks?

  • Finamatrix owns proprietary Risk-Cybernetics tech that can be developed and applied across industries in machine-learning algorithms to solve real-world problems. By developing a software protocol in smart contracts, risk-cybernetics can be applied to crypto-token selection in a portfolio setting with MVSK utility optimization, where MVSK is mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis paradigm that better describes and captures the inherent risks and returns of crypto-currencies, which are non-normal and usually skewed or fat-tailed.
  • Finamatrix manages the private boutique Finamatrix Quant Fund which was setup since 2006 and is managing approximately 30m USD and this year the firm has setup with partners a 20m USD regulated Cayman fund. FIX token holders are able to access these funds with a very small amount of capital.
  • Finamatrix also offers a 3-B token-pricing and liquidity mechanism for FIX ie. buyback and/or burn tokens when there is excess supply and/or issue bonus tokens when there is lack of supply (Buyback/Burn/Bonus, the three Bs). We are obligated to buyback FIX tokens in the event that there is insufficient liquidity in the exchanges but subject to quarterly cash-flows and overall audited performance. The firm will use not more than 50% of net profits to buyback FIX tokens. These functions will be manually performed to determine the equilibrium price and manage expectations (with regular updates) within a reasonable time frame to promote balance, stability and predictability, while Finamatrix will focus on boosting the demand function of the token by providing real and measurable value.
  • By keeping things simple, the ownership of FIX tokens is proof-of-membership (via asset holdings) and large token holders may be awarded bonus tokens on a regulary basis according to quarterly audited corporate performance. A maximum of 50% of net profits will be distributed.




#1 NAS100 risk-tech. Algae Biofuel $FiX #1 ESG Crypto.

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#1 NAS100 risk-tech. Algae Biofuel $FiX #1 ESG Crypto.

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