Real Estate Portfolio with FIX

Finamatrix applies A.I. to top property investments

Updated 30 April 2020, 1215h Singapore Time

The MSCI World Real Estate Index that covers 23 developed real estate equity markets has signalled a potential buy-in over the course of this year due to the expectation of the alleviation of COVID-19. The A.I. technology by Finamatrix will closely monitor these opportunities for the benefit of FIX-MT4 members.


Finamatrix will also monitor the performance of top brands in the hospitality sector including but not limited to, Las Vegas Sands (which owns the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore), Hyatt Hotels, Shangri-la, Marriott, Capitaland, City Developments, and other plays in tourism, hotels and related e-commerce.

Source: Google Finance

The portfolio will also include real estate investment trusts (REIT), property index futures and NASDAQ-100 index.

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