The FIX Vision — RiskTech A.I. for Digital Asset Pricing Automation

More and more assets in the world will be tokenized and transacted on blockchains for efficiency, accountability and global access. Take for example the Singapore dollar blockchain which is showing how blockchains are commercially viable.

What will happen is that major blockchains will start to integrate into one huge multi-blockchain, similar to the internet, where digital assets are traded against thousands of different digital assets.

All transactional data on the blockchain will be collected by Finamatrix via FIX digital asset’s integrated risk-cybernetics protocol, for trading decisions.

What does the protocol do? For example, the protocol on FIX automatically detects cheaper USD prices relative to FIX, so FIX is automatically exchanged for USD on the blockchain, then after further calculations which could take from seconds to days, the tech detects cheaper SGD relative to USD, and swaps USD for SGD, and finally it detects cheaper FIX relative to SGD and so sells SGD for FIX. These multiple round-turn trades drive market-making and increase FIX token value by X%.

It started with the creation of two risk technologies: atomic portfolio selection and risk-cybernetics A.I. which collects and analyzes data to predict patterns for sustainable growth.

Now the same tech is applied in our FIX digital asset. The tech automatically collects risk-related data from global price databases, creating big data that has become the world’s most valuable commodity, resulting in the increment of FIX token prices.

With the growing trend of interconnected blockchains of transactional data including prices and volume of payments, the tech is further empowered.

As an example, the Singapore dollar blockchain will allow multi-payment gateways for seamless settlements resulting in the reduction of transactional costs and improvements in administrative efficiencies. The need for fewer ATMs, less manpower and less printing of fiat currency will become a reality.

People will need to be re-trained to adapt to these new tech jobs but not everyone will fit in. Finamatrix will help the millions of workers displaced by providing global access to otherwise inaccessible tech for these people.

And the world knows this. The Internet of Things (IoT), where the interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enables objects to send and receive data, providing more data for our tech.

Finamatrix provides A.I. trading services and solutions that reduce foreign exchange (FX) transactional costs via its risk protocol and customizes succession, legacy and tax plans with our Singapore regulated trust fund that is a funding option for Manulife’s Signature Wealth variable universal life or VUL policy for accredited investors worldwide.

In the past months, capital-raising activities have indicated a unicorn market valuation for Finamatrix where FIX digital asset was transacted in private placements at prices above US$10 with 100 million in total supply.

The integration of our tech with the world’s interconnected databases will offer unlimited scalability and opportunities for members who receive our membership token, FIX digital asset.

Finamatrix is preparing a pre-IPO with our global partners with a potential membership network of 100 million or greater and will offer stock options payable in cash or FIX tokens (terms apply) for qualified members.

Subscribe for more details of these exciting opportunities at Finamatrix.AI




#1 NAS100 risk-tech. Algae Biofuel $FiX #1 ESG Crypto.

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#1 NAS100 risk-tech. Algae Biofuel $FiX #1 ESG Crypto.

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