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How do you promote success and prevent the ‘Terra Luna’ crash?


  • Transactions on the blockchain must show a trend of increasing value due to the increasing number of users and/or increasing transaction value on the ledger.
  • Most people will not sell below their purchase price unless panic sets in and some would rather recoup some capital by selling below their cost. Hence, the base price of the cryptocurrency can be estimated as the volume-weighted purchase prices of all buyers. This serves as a guide to how low prices can approximately go.
  • Using reserves to rescue prices is almost always futile as the volume and market value of sellers are usually far greater than the reserves available.
  • Robust tokenomics and strong fundamentals are the best safeguards to mitigate the risk of price crashes.


  • With only a maximum supply of 50 million tokens (not re-issuable; token-burn allowed) and limited to only 2 decimal places, $FIX is positioned to be very limited in quantity and targets the 50 million traders in the world that trade the crypto and tech markets. Note: Crypto.com has 50 million users.
  • $FIX crypto is seeking to partner with major exchanges and blockchains, incorporating the world’s first blockchain solution for the Crude Algae Oil supply chain and DeFi products on Crude Algae Oil prices.
  • Utility Value 1: $FIX is the governance and transaction token for the trillion-dollar supply chain of the #1 crude algae oil producer Regaia Energy, providing members global access to DeFi (mining fees, etc) as more partnerships are formed with top crypto, media, and energy/financial firms. Users of $FIX include suppliers, licensed manufacturers, contractors, buyers (including oil majors), oil traders, arbitrageurs, hedgers, and speculators of crude algae oil.
  • Utility Value 2: Weekly, the blockchain will record a verifiable transaction ID, where the transaction volume is equal to the Crude Algae Oil price per metric ton (MT) for easy reference, which also matches the description in the transaction attachment. $FIX is the benchmark Crude Algae Oil market capitalization for the trillion-dollar industry and serves as a base price and tradable instrument for Crude Algae Oil.
  • Utility Value 3: All members of $FIX can access our risk-cybernetics protocol via vGRE* for trading NAS100 plus our referral program (for approved partners) to earn $FIX or USD.


  • Regaia Energy Pte Ltd, representing Next Generation Oil Group (https://myroil.com) in Malaysia and Singapore, with Boustead Holdings (MYX: 2771) as the key institutional shareholder, has perfected the production of microalgae, resulting in >100 times more efficiency (than palm oil) and approximately 40 times more efficient than pond algae.
  • Regaia Energy is the world’s first (and only) International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) certified Algae cultivation company with proven economic and commercial viability of crude algae oil production with its on-site electricity powered by its own algae biofuel and algae grown in sea water. Regaia Energy has secured >US$50B in purchase agreements due to its super cost-efficiencies.
  • Algae oil is an ideal feedstock for blending with fossil fuel to power cars, trucks, trains, and planes, which can be produced commercially to accelerate decarbonization and alleviate global warming. Approximately 50% of Algae biomass is oil and the remaining is a dry cake that can be processed and eaten like seaweed or made into non-toxic biodegradable bioplastics.
  • Promise Land Pte Ltd is the mandated lead advisor while Finamatrix.NET is the designated tech partner with specialization in blockchain and is the #1 NAS100 risk-tech database since 1985, providing the #1 ESG cryptocurrency $FIX.

For more information, please read Regaia Energy Accepts $FIX or sign-up at: Finamatrix.NET

Investor Relations / Media Contact: info@finamatrix.com

PROMISE LAND: Peter Lim / (65) 9763 4133 / peterlim18@gmail.com

FINAMATRIX: Lanz Chan / (65) 8699 9289 / lanz@finamatrix.com

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