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World-renown Finamatrix.AI is №1 in Risk-Cybernetics and the market leader in providing companies with best-in-class FX hedging, technical-investing & global tax solutions.

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Finamatrix.AI via its proprietary risk-technologies provides tech-driven solutions to help global corporations hedge currency risks, plan for worldwide taxes, increase profit margins, and boost their bottom lines via our global network of members and technical-investing capabilities in seeking deep discounts and deep value.

Singapore is a hotspot for safe banking and the Singapore dollar (SGD) is a safe-haven currency. The Swiss central bank’s only overseas branch is in Singapore. Swiss investments in Singapore are up S$22 billion while total foreign direct investment in Singapore climbed to a record S$60.7 billion at end-2018 (most recent data), a 57% jump from 2017.

The ultimate one-stop solution with the lowest fees.

  • Finamatrix.AI offers a technical service contract for qualified companies.
  • Offers a global investment portfolio to satisfy most investors.
  • Cheapest possible legal corporate structure.
  • Proven professional team and track record.
  • With our risk management solutions, expect to double your cash every 5-years.
  • Innovating stable and long-term value.

Finamatrix.AI has 269,000+ followers in social media. It is in talks with leading public companies with digital banking licences for potential partnerships and FIX digital asset indicates a network value of US$30+ billion with more than 672,000+ clients and network users.

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